More Treasuries, More Earnings

Rimm earnings 2009As I expected, the market closed near its daily trading range, with the Dow closing up about 42 points. Instead of a rally into close, we actually found a rather aggressive sell off, which brought the Dow down about 40 points in the last 20 minutes of trading. Such activity shows the increased selling pressure that has been brought back into the market, especially as new technical barriers are breached. To see where the Dow closed, despite which should have been a rather strong day for buying when you consider a lot of the profit taking and short covering that was going on, is a pretty strong sign from bears.

RIMM came in after hours with disappointing earnings. This is a pretty big blow to the NASDAQ, considering how resilient RIMM has been in previous quarters. Such numbers show that indeed the rapid decay of the economy is slowly eating more and more into corporate profits. Although their earnings were in line with expectations (still not good), their forecasts were far worse than analysts expected. I would think to see a negative reaction in the tech sector, considering that RIMM is one of their sweetheart stocks. QID could be a nice consideration for some quick gains.

Today, The Treasury also announced the auction of $104 billion in more government debt. This is just following their previous record setting $101 billion that was auctioned off in May. It is very clear that the government is scrambling for money as more and more of their short term debt becomes due. Such actions from the Treasury are bound to eventually saturate the bond markets, as well as turn off foreign countries from purchasing anymore of our debt. But, when you spend trillions in a matter of a few months, that is really you're only option.

Tomorrow should be a pretty critical day in maintaining this slight turn around we've seen this week. If markets were to close significantly down tomorrow, we could see a rather strong pull back. The video I posted showed the three different thresholds, which if we past the first one quickly, that's bad news for bulls.

I will be posting a new premium podcast tonight (subscribe here), discussing more about the technical trends in this pull back, as well as some future possibilities for gold. My Lending Club investment still remains solid at a 10.5% return, which is a good buffer to have in the portfolio. It's also a good place to consider getting a loan, especially in this type of environment. Have a good evening and Happy Trading.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    All RIMM shorts covered after hours. Its results were actually better than expected with forecast "in-line" with estimates. Some panic sell off started after hours, then intelligent investors picked it up and the price ended almost unchanged. I expect the panic shorts who don't have after hour access to cover their positions at open tomorrow to close RIMM positive. This should spark a big rally on the market combined with the option expiration day. Many have been contrarian on the pull back and have loaded up on good stocks and they will load up RIMM as the pressure has eased after the earnings report. I wouldn't short specially following 4-5 consecutive negative days.

  2. Lin Lin Says:

    Hey FF, I got a critical question for ya. Just today I heard North Korea is threatening to launch a Missle to Hawaii. If we do enter some kind of post nuclear war with NK along with the UN, how do you think Gold and Oil will fair?

    It's scary times to think about making money. Nuclear war... God NK's are nuts.

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