Monday Morning Pullback - Gold Future Planning

gold IRAWell, we've started out the week with a rather moderate pullback, which is no big surprise to me, when you consider much of the very distressed data we received last week, and looked right over and continued buying. As I've said before, we may overlook data, but usually, it will eventually get factored in. More increasing interest rates have investors worried, as they wonder how they will effect corporate borrowing as well as the already dreary housing market.

We've talked before of the almost certain problem to look for in the future, that being inflation. As I've said before, I do feel we are still a bit premature for inflation, but it is definitely something worth planning for. We've now seen gold pulling back, which should continue and could provide an opportunity to hedge for future inflation. One of my strong inflationary hedges is the use of a gold IRA or a 401k gold. A gold 401k is a great consideration, especially when dealing with inflation risk. We saw many investor's profits get wiped out in the 70's with their non-inflation protected investments, which eventually took their what was once a strong return, to almost nothing.

Also, as a hedge to a distressed bond market, an IRA gold can be a great option. The above linked site is a great reference of how gold can be an asset for you in your IRA and also shows, line by line, how to put gold in an IRA. I believe as gold continues to retrace down to lower levels, I will have a great opportunity to load up some in my IRA for long term protection.

Let's see if these lower trading levels remain, or if by chance we see our usual "magical" closing rally. Happy Trading.


  1. Craig Says:

    Gold is king. I recommend Canadian mining stocks. Cheers.

  2. Unknown Says:

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