A Long Winter... But Spring is Here

It has been a long winter since I have 
written on this site. I apologize for the many emails and inquiries that went unanswered over the past several years. I have continued to heavily invest in the markets over the years, but was unable to dedicate the time to maintain the updates on the account. 

I have been given some great opportunities in my career and day job, which comes at a cost. Time. As such, I have not had the time to check in and keep everyone updated on the countless trades over the years. Given the current environment we are in and my feeling of where we are headed, I felt it important to resurrect my posts as the market has been and should continue to be frenzy for those looking in the right areas.

For those that may be on this site for the first time, know that I am not a one-year wonder, as I like to call the influx of new "trading professionals" plastering their gains all over Twitter and bragging as being the latest FURU. As you can see just from the site alone, I've been around in the market for a while (20 years). I've learned a lot along the way that has led to substantial returns in my trading accounts. Any noob on the street that put money in the market at the start of 2020, looks like a genius. You can thank trillions of government spending as well billions of stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. We will see how they all weather the storm when the waters get choppy.

As we saw back during the Great Recession, there are massive opportunities to make money in this current trading environment. I hate to say it, but thanks to many of the new Stimmy and Reddit traders, there are countless gifts of oversold and overbought tickers that are ripe for the picking. As I said all along, I'm agnostic to being bullish or bearish, but fully invite the VIX and volatility to the party, as that is how you can create large gains in quick plays.

I have become more active on twitter, but will be posting new positions on this site going forward. Again, these times come along a couple times every decade and we are lucky to be head deep in it at the moment. Happy Trading All.


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