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make money trading stocksThank you for your patience as I continue to try to find time to give updates on the site. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to make sure I am still alive, haha! All is well, and hopefully I get the opportunity to converse with many of you.

As for an update, I am pursing my MBA and am enjoying the opportunity to dig even deeper into financial markets and strategies. I have been lucky to work closely with faculty and staff who have extensive experience in portfolio trading and a long resume in market studies. It has been very interesting digging into market efficiency and really looking at the data and concluding if abnormal gains in investing can be accomplished and repeated and how... The results are very interesting. I will be sharing a variety of strategies and portfolio theory that we find and study with all of you as well as implementing these strategies in my account and sharing them with you.

Markets have continued to act unique this past year as it has since 2008. However, we are still finding many existing and new strategies are finding a lot of success in current trading environments. There are a variety of new portfolio strategies in today's market that allow for diversifying against non-systematic risk in portfolios. We are also seeing momentum trumping several past fundamental valuation methods.

The past two years, we have seen just exactly why fallen Angels small cap stocks are the optimal choice for portfolios rather than value growth stocks. Rebounds in companies such as Las Vegas Sands, Citi, and Wynn show just how profitable being 0n the right side of these rebounds can be.

I am excited to reignite some passion with the readers of this site... I look forward to some great gains and strategies for this year and hopefully we can share in the success that the markets are sure to bring this year. Happy Trading!

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