The Dow is still going Down, Down and Down. More Opportunity For You!

Well, we have seen yet another Red day in the Stock Market and while most people are outside banging their heads on the wall, I am excited for the new opportunities that are presented to make some money in the market. It is for this reason why I recommended the initial load up of FXP. Today, we did see a decline of the Apple (AAPL) options, however, FXP hit $160, still giving us strong gains for the day. It is essential in this market (at least at this point), that whenever you are long, also hedge it with a short position, because for the next year I see this market struggling.

Because of continual days of red in the market, I think we are due for a rally. I did say yesterday that I thought that rally would have been today, but that's ok. KEY DATE: The Fed meets October 30 to discuss the economy. You can bet that if the market is still trending downward, we may see a historical 1 point cut to the fed funds rate. If so, watch out! We will probably see a 1000 + day movement on the DOW. So I foresee some expectation of the cut beforehand.

I think some opportunities to look at are Gold. Commodities have been slammed this month and gold is at a 52 week low. With the FED cutting the rate, some will fear inflation, boosting up Gold. On Monday, look to see the trend of the market. If it looks to be up in the pre-market, considering selling a big portion of your short position and maybe load up on some January expiring, either GLD or GDX options. This should give you plenty of time for a nice good pop in gold. If it looks to be down on Monday, let FXP make you some more thousands and towards the end of the day, maybe look into loading up on the Gold options. I think next week is a Green Week. See you Monday.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I agree. You've been right on thus far