Stocks May Rally - Halloween Sparks Confidence

Despite continual economic woes, we still see the marketing battling hard to stay above water. This is exactly why I said we're heading into "Rave Week". On the bright side, even in the up day, we still saw FXP take a little hop from yesterday's closing. That should show you the resilience of this ETF. Today, the market broke a critical barrier of 9300, which some believe was a threshold the market needed to beat to see a healthy run. Many believe that the market may rally close to 10000 this next week because this threshold was reached. As for me, it's Rave Week, so I won't bet on it.

I am very happy to only be in FXP currently. In fact I would not mind a healthy rally on Monday to send the shorts down further to lower my basis. Currently, SRS is becoming very tempting at $115, but I am going to continue to wait until it is under $100.

As I have said before, historically, the stock market takes a little bounce after an election and with the short squeeze on going with the Hedge Funds, we are set up for a nice little rally. Even though I am predicting a rally next week, I am going to wait on the sidelines and only stock up on my short position if prices fall. Look to continue to pick up shares of FXP if they fall $85 and below as well as SRS if it falls below $100. An investment to be considering in the near future is Gold. Next week I will discuss why it is a buy and how we can make some quick cash on it. We ended the week with a little bit of unexcitement, but we are set up to do quite well this next month. Have a Good Halloween and lets make some money next week. We'll see you Monday.


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