Almost Back To Ground Zero - Shorts Here We Come

Well, as we expected, The Fed went through with their cut of 50 basis points. We saw the market rally in anticipation of the cut as well as stay fairly strong after, until the last 10 minutes where we saw a lot of profits being taken. I sold out of most of my call options, because DIG, RIMM, and UYG were all up strong and yielded strong gains. I gained a 90% return on my Nov. expiring RIMM option, 70% on my DIG option, 60% on my UYG option, and I kept my .QAADB, April expiring call option which I bought for $9 (It closed today at $15), because I believe Apple will continue to go up. They are cash liquid, have no debt, and continue to rise above with their innovation.

Now what goes on tomorrow? Usually, I would expect a pretty strong sell off, considering we had two pretty strong days of green. In this market, that's more we can ask for. However, Japan looks to make their own Fed Cut, which if they make a strong one, would most likely send our market skying tomorrow, especially Asia stocks. In fact, as we speak, Hong Kong's SSE is up quite a bit off of anticipation.

So for me, Tomorrow is a measuring day. Another day in the green, expect our short positions to be in prime position to buy back into. Personally, I feel it will be a green day, so I will be looking to get back into FXP or SKF if it gets in the low $90's or below. Also, I will maybe to look to get out of my Apple (AAPL) option if we see it go up another 50%. If for some chance, the sell off is stronger and pushes the market down, tomorrow will end up being an "observance day" for me. Remember though, to not give up on the market. You cannot count on how the market is going to finish until watching it five minutes before it's going to close. We saw a 300 point swing today in 7 minutes. The market is very volatile and a Red Morning can be a huge Green Afternoon, so keep tabs.

So keep your eye out and if we see another strong green day, look to building up your short FXP position, because as we saw from last week, that's a great wave to ride in this market. If it's red, don't worry about it, because election week is next week and I think we'll see some more green next week. Happy trading and we'll see you tomorrow.


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