Small Company Making Big Noise

Augme Chart
As we grow closer to the end of the year, I try to start thinking about next year and new strategies and positions I will be considering. The past two years have been wild ones, and I'm not sure that 2011 will be that far off. We continue to see some companies become obsolete and thus fail, while others thrive on new innovation and technology that you and I cannot live without. Apple has done an amazing job the past 5 years in positioning themselves as the media giant and had no problems penetrating the cell phone market.

No one has a crystal ball, but trends can tell a lot. Lately, we have seen big trends towards hand held devices and social networking. Utilize both of these successfully and you will most likely be golfing most of the year.

There is a company that has been on my radar for quite some time and I think 2011 could be a break out year for them. Their name is Augme Technologies (AUGT). Sure their under $2 stock price doesn't make you jump out of your seat at first glance, but a bit of research and due diligence makes me like the company.

Augme is developing the technology to help large businesses communicate with consumers through their hand held devices. Already, the company has a client list that includes HBO, Ralph Lauren and Johnson & Johnson. They are ahead of the game in helping consumers be able to interact with these businesses, all from their handheld.

Right now, the company has a near $20 million of committed sales in their pipeline, which is a large leap compared to their current $4 million per year revenue stream. The cell phone marketing industry as a whole is projected to have a $5 billion value by 2012.

From a technical value, their stock has a strong trend going up. Their 20-day moving average is strong and their regression line has a strong uptrend for 2010. Don't be surprised if 2011 is their year to shine. Happy Trading.

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  1. Lin Lin Says:

    Hello FF,

    You should post more... I use to see updates every day you update this blog once every 2 weeks... I guess we all are busy.

    I got a question FF. What do you use to keep track of the CPI data? Is there a website you go to? I am trying to look for a scheduled annoucement for economic releases. I.E. Housing, Retail, CPI, Interest Rates, etc. etc. Do you have all of these dates on a calendar of yours?

  2. Finance Fanatic Says:

    Lin lin,
    Sorry for the less frequent posts. It has definitely been busy. I plan to get back on track for regular posting next year.

    As for CPI and other data that is released, Yahoo's calendar is pretty efficient. They get it updated pretty quickly. Here is the link:

    Happy Trading.

  3. Lin Lin Says:

    Wow this is really useful. Thanks for the quick reply...

    Is there a calendar for all the major countries? If I want the CPI for say... Great Britian instead?

  4. Finance Fanatic Says:

    On an international level, I usually use the WSJ calendar... Here's the link:


    Small company stocks can make excellent investmets.

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