Fed Says Nothing's Changing

fomc meeting Trading was mixed for most of Tuesday as the Dow ended slightly down and the S&P ended slightly up. Many were anxiously awaiting results from the latest Fed meeting, wondering if and any changes were going to be made to interest rates and policy. Like we expected, no changes were announced and as a result, investors felt a bit happier about buying going into the close.

Once again, The Fed made it very clear that as long as we exist in a a dragging employment condition, they will do all that they can to help spark consumer spending. Their big tool to do that is of course their control of interest rates, which they are keeping at essentially 0%. They also announced that as long as there exists strong pressures on consumer income, they will leave rates low (that is of course pending that there are no massive inflation risks looming).

They also announced that there were some positive growth in certain parts of the economy, but that their outlook remains cautious due to the continual struggle with unemployment. More and more we are starting to see opposition grow within The Fed and different members of the committee. Some are in favor of the central bank starting now to tighten policy, saying that we would be worse off to start too late than to start too early. Also, their are disagreements of when and how much Treasury dollars to liquidate, as The Fed has been very, very active in purchasing US debt. These division should increase as more time goes on.

Commodities showed a lot of strength today, which was surprising considering that the dollar also moved up as well. The correlation of them moving together could happen more and more as this inflation/deflation paradox continues. There are still distinct signals of deflation in some areas of the economy, while others look to be experiencing inflation. Paradoxes like these are just one of several reasons why many investors are enjoying the view from the sidelines.

Tech stocks are performing well and are getting a lot of help from Apple's latest gadget, the iPad, which went on sale to the public this past Saturday. It was estimated that over 300,000 units were sold on the opening day. Next quarter's earnings for Apple should be just fine. Happy Trading.


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