Sam's Club Closings

sams club closingWal Mart, the nation's leader among retailers, is showing signs of pain from this recession, as they will be closing 10 Sam's Club locations around the country. Sam's Club, which is the second largest warehouse retailer behind Costco, announced that the following locations would be closed down: Nampa, Louisville, Rolling Meadows, Houston, Sacramento, Irvine and Clay. Such a move is evidence, that even though many believe our worst days are behind us, retailers are still being greatly affected.

The closings are expected to terminate more than 1500 jobs, which Wal Mart has claimed they will utilize those being fired by finding them new employment in their nearby stores. Regardless of what happens, the closings are just the beginning of what should be a very popular year to close shop. We are talking about a top retailer in some very high income demographics. Clearly, consumer spending has not and is not projected to return to stable levels anytime soon. As I said last week, retailers are ripe for shorting. Happy Trading



    Thats shocking to me that walmart would give up on a store.

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