More Selling

commodity weaknessMarkets opened up Tuesday sharply down, after yesterdays rather strong recovery. More weakness in the commodities and energy sector has investors worried that indeed deflation could be a real possibility. We have now seen some pretty strong selling momentum the past few weeks, which could become much more severe if that critical 880 number for the S&P is breached.

I have to begin to consider to take some profits on my DUG shares and DXO puts. I do believe we will continue to see weakness in the energy sector, however, we will probably continue to bobble back and forth for a bit. Plus, I've made some pretty strong gains in just a few days, so I can't be greedy.

All eyes are on up and coming earnings as they will most likely to decide the fate of the market for the next couple of months. However, as for today, the market looks to want to sell.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    TDAmeritrade does not show an option chain for DXO. Please advise how you are trading the puts.

  2. Unknown Says:

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