Markets Crashing?

markets crashing
Wow, well I had a feeling there would be fireworks by the end of this week, but I did not expect this. The Dow was flirting with the -1000 mark earlier and is currently rebounding, trading around the -500 mark. I'm getting reports of computer trading platforms crashing and buy orders not being fulfilled. Turmoil in Greece is spreading to the US and we're seeing it today. I don't see the government letting this market tank like a rock in one day, so I expect to see miraculous rebounds like we just saw or even a temporary ban on shorting. I've already heard of people not being able to buy into short positions right now. Enjoy the fireworks.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is so typical of Wall Street. Little or no stability. This is just why we need to regulate the markets! Well we have the Bush administration to thank for the crap we are dealing with now.


    Theirs will always be market crashes.

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