We're Back to January's Highs

consumer confidence reportAfter another back and forth day of trading, the Dow was able to close up 44 points after a pretty strong end of day rally. We are now treading in a very critical trading zone, as today's closed matched January's highs. The question is will the stock market be able to break through these support level or are we in for another pull back? A lot of these answers will be found with tomorrow's economic numbers.

I purchased a fair share of Citi this morning, as I discussed in yesterday's post, which worked out quite well, as Citi closed over 5% today. Like I said yesterday, I plan for my positions in this and other upcoming longs to be very brief, as I do believe there is a very quick window to make some profits. For now, investors are buying into the notion that Citi is indeed undervalued, especially after being backed by the government. I will look to exit out of it as soon as I make some healthy returns.

Tomorrow's performance will most likely be dictated by two major economic announcements. First, we will be receiving retail sales for February. Analysts are expecting a slight drop in retail sales from the month prior. As of now, even a retail report coming in line with expectations will most likely cause for a bit of cheer for investors. Second, we will be looking at the new consumer confidence report that is released. This is very crucial, as many analysts believe the consumer is beginning to come out of hibernation. They are expecting a slight increase from January's number, which if that were to happen, we would probably get a bump. Sure, they may be a bit more spending going on than was last year at this time, but the consumer is still very beaten up from the bast 18 months. So if all goes as planned by the economists, we could end this week in a rally, but when do things go as planned these days?

One company catching my eye at this point is Petroleum Development Company (PETD). This is a company that focuses on natural gas. When looking at their chart, they are looking quite nice for a little run. Plus, oil and energy should remain pretty resilient at this point for a bit longer. Some shares will most likely be purchased tomorrow.

So for tomorrow, all eyes on retail sales and consumer confidence. If these number get beaten well, we may be in for a strong end of week rally. However, if these numbers disappoint again, I would expect to see a 100 point loss day. Happy Trading.


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