Buying Gold

gold investmentGold is once again returning to investor's radar as uncertainty in the economy continues to grow. Also, worries for inflation can create a sharp demand for gold in a short period of time. So many are asking should I be buying gold?

Inflation no doubt is a coming concern. Just how close we are to inflation is a subject many are currently debating. I believe the severe concern is a couple years out. However, some feel that we could see it as early as the beginning of next year. When inflation does indeed begin to show, then buying into gold stock or even if buying gold coins, you will most likely see big gains. As of now, gold seems to be bouncing back and forth, much like oil, trying to find its position in the current market. As markets strengthen, commodities tend to get left behind as investors begin chasing the large returns.

One great way to bring gold into your portfolio is by establishing gold in your IRA accounts. Gold and other precious metals make a great addition to an IRA account as they show great resilience over time. I always like to have a small portion of my retirement accounts in precious metals.

For current investment purchases, I am refraining from buying gold in my active portfolio. The recent moves have not breached any major support levels, so it is quite grey on both the buy and sell side. I do feel that in the future, gold will bring some record setting gains to portfolios in a very quick amount of time. We're not there yet, but it's on the up and coming radar.

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