Steve Jobs Unveils Apple's iPad

Markets experienced mixed trading throughout the day, which closed with all of them being moderately up, however Apple remained strong throughout the entire day. This because of the live presentation Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) gave to the world, which demonstrates their newest product, the iPad. With this post, I am posting the video of Jobs himself demonstrating the strengths of the product. He claims it to be "the best web browsing experience you've ever had."

One extremely large standout about the iPad, is their new "A4 processor chip." I have been really impressed with the speed my iPhone 3GS runs, however, the new A4 chip is suppose to blow the 3GS away. The 3GS is claimed to have a 600 MHz chip, where the new A4 chip runs at 1.0 GHz. That's almost twice the speed. As always, I am skeptical at just how much this new Apple product can do for me, but it seems I am blown away with every new one. The new product is looking to retail between $500-$800, depending on hard drive space.

I think what made Apple investors happy was not only the release of the new media device, but that Steve Jobs was the face of it. During the past couple of years, there has been a lot of question regarding the health of Steve Jobs and his ability to continue with his responsibilities. He was even forced to take a brief leave of absence during treatments, which caused the stock to trade down over 10% in one day. However, today, he looked healthier than ever. You could feel his excitement in the new product and his anticipation to release it to the world. That was a good move for Apple to get him out there.

The FOMC meeting helped bolster the rest of the markets as it was announced that there is no immediate plan to raise interest rates. The fact that the Fed continues to leave interest rates so low, suggests their concern for the state of the economy if borrowing rates were at normal levels. I mean, when you consider how frozen lending markets are currently, with a 0% borrowing rate, it is scary to think what the activity would be at normal levels. As a result, they are opening up the doors for inflation more and more as money remains extremely cheap.

The dollar has been on a real strong push since the end of the year. I have been saying that a run in the dollar is due, which still points that deflation is still present. If it were not for massive government stimulus and o% rates, it would be manifested much more at this point. Gold and oil should continue to move in the opposite direction as the dollar, at least until signs of inflation start hitting hard. However, I do not see that happening anytime this year.

Commodities continue to fall at this point, which for me, makes the best option to short at this point. Longing the dollar is the only long play that makes good sense to me at this point. I do believe as we head deeper into the first quarter, financials will be back on the chopping block, as will real estate REITS and home builders. Happy Trading



    A tribute to the late steve jobs. He was the father of the modern day PC it was his idea and before he died he lead another revolution in smart phone technology.

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