Bailout Paybacks and Rising Rates

deficit spendingWell, so far it's been another pretty non-eventful day as the Dow has continued to bounce back and forth from red to green. It is yet another very low volume day, which as usual, leads me to have to consider the possibility of some manipulation going into close. As a test run, I may look at picking up some longs for the last little rally, just to see if it can produce a quick 5% pop. I'll set a strict stop loss on it. With the recent popularity of paying back TARP funds, financials have been getting a slight second wind. However, the XLF has been dragging its feet as of late, so financials may be tapped out

There still exists the very real concern of the ever increasing yields with the Treasuries. This move affects all aspects of the credit markets. Whether you're getting a mortgage loan, auto loan, or getting a new credit card, these moving yields affect you. The problem is, is that even with the current massive spending mixed with the government debt issuance, there seems to be no sign of it letting up. It has only been two months since the budget was announced, and they have already revised their deficit spending, for both 2009 and 2010. There has been a 7% revision increase in their 2010 deficit spending, in just two months!