Weekly Tip - Apple To Report Earnings Tomorrow

Friday I bought April expiring call options for Apple (AAPL) when the stock was at $94 dollars. Even though I believe we are a downward trending market for the next 12 months, there are still times where I like going long in the market. The reason why I like this play is that I believe a lot of good companies have been brought down to ridiculous prices because of the overall status of Wall Street. Apple is one of those companies.

When looking at the fundamentals, in my eyes, there is no reason that Apple should be below $140, let alone $100. They have barely any debt and a brand that should weather pretty well even in a recession. When people have to sell, they sell it all. So I take it as a great opportunity for me. The reason why I like this stock this week, is because Apple announces earnings tomorrow after the market closes. So far this month, IBM and Google have both produced strong earnings and slaughtered market expectations. I don't see Apple breaking this trend.

Pending on this good news, I see Apple jumping anywhere from $110 to $120 in the next week or so. I decided to go with the call option, just to hedge some risk against bad news that could bring the stock down further. Look for a $110 to $120 January - April expiring contract before tomorrow's close. I will keep you updated on where I sell mine at.


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