FXP Update and Stock Buy Tips for Tuesday, October 21st

Yesterday I discussed a move I made to buy into FXP, an Ultrashort ETF fund, that shorts the China Stock Market. For more about this ETF click here. Yesterday the buy in was close to $90. Currently it is trading at $101.39, up 12.92%. I plan on holding this for a bit until we see it hit $120-130. This is one of several ETF shorts I have been playing, which, as you can see, have been performing very well and act as a great hedge for your long securities that you may still be holding onto to not take the loss. Today, the market is reacting to a variety of poor earnings reports, which, in my opinion, there will be a lot of this month. With that, Apple (AAPL) is down close to 5%.

Don't lose faith in Apple quite yet. I still like apple as a buy, especially as a call option. I think they should weather well on their earnings report today after the close and we should see a good 6-15% jump in their stock tomorrow. Of course there is always the chance they do not perform up to market's expectation, I just don't find that very probable with their fundamentals. Pending on earnings reports tomorrow, we could see a pretty healthy rally, especially in the NASDAQ.

Another play worth noting is oil. In playing oil, I play the stocks DIG and DUG. DIG is an Ultra Long choice and DUG is shorting the Oil sector. Oil has taken a beating this past month, reaching their 52 week low. It is down another 5.71%, reaching $70 dollars today. A lot of this is due to lack of demand from Countries like China and India, as well as the weakening dollar. However, OPEC, the body which oversees Oil production, has a critical meeting tomorrow where they will decide if they will cut production of oil, and if so, by how much. I am expecting a pretty decent cut in production, which should cause some upward momentum in oil. DIG is currently trading at about $30 per share. Consider bulking up on some DIG share for a nice healthy bump tomorrow.


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